Cleaning Services

You spend the majority of the day at your office and having a clean work environment can have a significant effect on your productivity. It's a great relief to know that your office cleaning requirements are being professionally looked after. Having a clean office also gives your clients a good impression of your business. This impression can have a positive impact on your ability to sell your products or services. Our professional cleaning service is designed to suit offices' cleaning needs with minimum interruption to your business.

Our cleaning quotes include detail-clean rotations equivalent to 10 spring-cleans every year. Clean Service doesn’t believe in cleaning add-ons and hourly rates, our all-inclusive fixed price covers all your cleaning requirements including tasks that commercial cleaning companies normally charge for separately.

Sofa / Furniture

Being used for a long time; this furniture we regularly forget to keep clean. Our cleaning service will keep you tension free and hygiene. Some sofas that have attached cover of fabric or leather are the most difficult ones to clean. We take good care of those with our experienced cleaners, special medicine and cleaning materials.


Those who have carpets in their home or office know how painful it is to clean it. Also it minimum takes 3 to 4 days to clean and dry a carpet. For this reason many people leave it as it is. But as time goes by, it becomes dusty, very unhygienic and pollutes the atmosphere. With our automatic machines we delicately handle your carpet and cleanse it properly.


Despite our floors getting clean everyday or every once in a while, it takes on dirt too much than any other surface and leaves stains that do not go easily. Floors become gradually darker because of this much dirt and most of the time we fail to notice that. Our cleaners with automatic electric machines and chemicals brought from abroad are the fighters that fight with those dirt and rescue the floor to make it new again.


Long time water running leaves a deep and vivid stain that does not leave easily. To deal with this problem we use our Spot Cleaning for pan, commode, bathtub etc and make it shine again.